Attractive Hand-Made of Natural Wooden Wall Art

The aesthetic of house wall reflects the character of the owner. House without decoration is surely boring. No color and ornaments will look smooth and will not give performance. It doesn’t amuse whom the guests are welcomed even master of its house. There may be you need to attach the motive on it. This will give the additional value of view and enlighten the situation inside. The panorama of the room will be different than mono color.

Breathtaking mosaic style of beautiful natural wooden wall art that is so mesmerizing

Previously, people tried to stick the wallpaper as wall decoration. It is only gluing on the wall. They were easy to use it because the help of technology in producing this wallpapers. Many customers easily got it, just bought it from the materials shop. But it did not give the artistic creation. It was only the product of machine. And little touch was done by the designers. By the changing of the trend, it was putrefied along the time being. Wallpaper is being old-fashioned. It doesn’t perform the modern art because this presence shows the beauty, less artistic meaning. So the best solution to decor our room is trading on wall art. By implementing 600 cm x  600cm or with minimal size, we can have beautiful wall art.

There are many kinds of wall art style such as natural, vintage, modern, recycling materials, and others. Those are classified based on its material made. In the other hand, natural wooden made is more popular and it can be found easily. The creation from its material is not difficult. Designers can get more materials from this project by spending their budget with cheap price.

Talking about wooden material which showing the nature, Hand Made Style is very suitable to decor the wall. It is as method of implementing more hand technique to assemble. The designers have to have good skill in carving and making patterns. Their imagination lives on its process. Not only having good technique, they also must have complete equipments in dealing with wooden carving. It doesn’t need sophisticated tools but must represent the pattern that designer makes. The more designer ponder complicated futuristic design, the more they have to provide the tools and materials.

Some kinds of wooden materials are more available around of us, especially for those who live in Asia. But for everybody who lives such Europe, America, and Australia, is very hard and expensive to reach it. First, the designers can pattern the truly wood like pine, camphor, timber, and many others. The point is that you are not suggested to use very hard wood like teak wood. You may use the hard wood if you have good sophisticated equipments and represent your design. For Asia design, bamboo is the popular material which has the high valuable and aesthetic power. They easily get it around their surroundings. Bamboo mirrors the sense of fresh.

Combination of wooden design can be made by making the pattern as the owner likes. They can draw the picture from the wooden materials or they can put the picture on wooden box, then sticking on the wall tidily. First, circle pattern from wood is popular made. It is not difficult, only putting circle cut and attaching to the box. While it is ready, you can give colorful draw on its circles. Second, 3D model is also enchanting. But you need more power and pressing your mind to do. It is not so easy except you want to order to wooden carving specialist. Next, mixing wooden things with plastic is good and interesting. Not all dealing with wood are natural, it is sometime so mesmerizing with additional things from fiber or plastic. It is more alive.

In applying this decoration, you firstly decide the theme. You can browse the model in the internet. Preparing the equipments and materials is done while the idea is fixed. And then you can do your drawing. It is better not to make difficult model. Sometimes, simple decoration can show very good look. For you who are not professional designers, you should print the procedure of making wooden wall art from your browsing. It fastens your process in producing your masterpiece. Those are some tips to decor that you can do in order to achieve maximal handmade. If you do not have the skill of wall art design, you can order it to designers or carpenters so you only attach to your wall by yourself.

Wonderful strappy mosaic style of wooden wall art that is so mesmerizing Mesmerizing wooden wall art with groups of cream flowers attachment looking so artistic Interesting simple contrastive model of wooden wall art design Inspiring eye-catching model of bamboo wooden wall art looking so impressive Enchanting full model cercle spot of wooden wall art performing an aesthetic Elegant natural wooden wall art with box frame looking so charming and aesthetic Cute design with strapping style of wooden wall art showing the artistic view Breathtaking mosaic style of beautiful natural wooden wall art that is so mesmerizing Beautiful bamboo wall art with epoxy brush that is looking so wonderful

Top 10 Best Metal Tree Wall Art Reviews In 2016

The purpose of wall art, regardless of what material used in making it is, fairly simple in essence. Wall arts add that esthetic value one may need in increasing the nuance and atmosphere of a room. Wall arts also don’t take up spaces so much so that an individual has to seek a way around just to fit them in. The sole act of placing a form of wall art is usually enough to imbue a room with a distinct feel that can affect how an occupier sees it. Suffice to say, a wall art is a go-to item whenever one wishes to add a color to an otherwise bland room. As it has a lot of things to do with decoration, personal preferences become a major point to think about upon choosing a wall art. Style, color, and of course materials used in the making should be taken into account.

Metal is a reliable material for use in making a wall art. It is sturdy enough to withstand wearing thus it can function for many years after initial purchase. With careful and regular maintenance, wall arts made of metal can even ward off signs of decaying presented by the elements or weather. This makes this type of wall art suitable as an outdoor decorative component, too.

The colors of a wall art are definitely a subject to one’s personal choice. However, in choosing metal-made wall arts, one should consider opting for more brownish or bronze-like hues. They complement the texture and feels of the material appropriately.

Speaking of style, tree is a nice motif to pick. Tree symbolizes many things in different cultures, ranging from symbolic growth all the way up to prosperity. If anything, trees have this unique inherent neutrality in them when made into a form of art. 

Top Rated Metal Tree Wall Art


Celtic Inspired Tree of Life Metal Wall Art

Celtic Inspired Tree of Life Metal Wall ArtBearing a Celtic theme, this metal tree wall art employs the same intricacy commonly found in said culture. It is perfect for outdoors or indoors but if outdoors is your choice, spray-on enamel coating needs be applied once a year to keep the shape intact and sound. It only takes a hammer and some nails to hang the piece on the wall. Use a nail to hang it and add another one or two to secure and straighten it. The nails won’t be seen as the piece camouflages them properly. The piece is exquisitely detailed, with the center trunk being somewhat raised higher than other segments. Plus, if you decide to make a purchase of it, you will be helping the makers in Haiti get a better life. Designed in Tree of Life-style, the wall art uses steel drums as its material so it does the job at being durable.


Tree of Life Metal Wall Art Sculptures

Tree of Life Metal Wall Art SculpturesThis one is lightweight, perfect for a subtle change of tone within a room. The original color is brown-bronze, very earthly hues. But you can request one with color that matches your own taste.There are circles on the piece, one on each side so hanging wouldn’t matter; either nails or screws can do the job. It is okay, too, to hang it outdoor but make sure the site it hangs is sheltered as direct exposure to sunlight may peel off the paint coating. Best way to display it by hanging against a wall with darker shade of brown. Wall with lighter tone may also be perfect but some tweaking in the lighting is needed because the piece’s color (if you order the original one) could blend too much with its surrounding. Best type of home to match this design is the contemporary one—hanging it above a simple-looking fireplace may increase the room’s tone subtly.


Deco 79 Metal Tree Wall Decor

Deco 79 Metal Tree Wall DecorCute is what comes to mind upon seeing this metal tree wall art. But in the case of Deco 79, cute doesn’t equal flimsy. In fact, being made of metal alloy, it is sturdy enough repel rusts and withstand elements, which makes it perfect for outdoor display. Designed in the shape of a tree complete with leaves, the piece can be hanged on the walls of any kind. Original color is brown but you can see there are traces of black here and there. Put it on a coordinated spot so that when the sun shines on it, you can see changes in color gradation. Perfect to complement a fireplace. When hanged, the piece pops off the wall a bit, creating an illusion of 3D effect. The best architectural design for this piece to complement is that of rustic one; it helps in emphasizing that organic feel such a design type is known for.


Home Source 400-22033 Decorative Metal Wall Art

Home Source 400-22033 Decorative Metal Wall ArtHome Source’s metal tree wall art is different in that the leaves are not depicted the way they usually are. While the trunk is true to the form, the leaves are circle in shape. The whimsical nature of this piece is enhanced by the placement of mirror-like materials for some of the circles. The trunk is black while the “leaves” are of varying colors, from blue to yellow—but there might be slight discrepancy between the actual product’s colors with what is displayed online. Materials are dominant in metal with some acrylic thrown in. Abstract details work best for a room of urban style. It is also large enough to be set as the centerpiece for a room.Due to it being somewhat delicate in structure, however, this piece is rather unsuitable for outdoor display. It is lightweight and hanging it should not become a problem even on a drywall.


Palm Trees of Life Metal Wall Art

Palm Trees of Life Metal Wall ArtPalm Trees is designed with a “pop-up” feel to it so as to create a 3D effect. It is large enough to complement a headboard and possibly a centerpiece for bathroom decoration. It is also possible for you to hang this metal tree wall art outdoor as the material and coating are tough enough to handle the job. Lightweight and features mixed colors, Palm Trees’ shape makes it impossible for use as a surprise gift. Therefore, ask for Amazon box to wrap this if that’s your purpose. The piece as a whole stands off the wall a bit—with a perfect lighting, it creates shadow over the surface behind it.The design works best for a room with tropical atmosphere to it. The palm leaves are bendable to adjust how it looks to best fit your personal taste. The tip of each palm leaf exhibits a bit of golden color, perfect for a room dominant in similar hue of color.


Steel Drum Art  Tree of Life

Steel Drum Art Tree of LifeCarlos Brutus designs this wall artwork using recycled metal oil drum in Haiti. The intricate design is used to symbolize the spiritualism of Haitian people. As such, it has an added value as being culturally influenced. The piece’s color is metallic, perhaps the original color of said oil drum. It does not come with built in ways of hanging—there are no circles or nail hooks. The cutouts of the artwork itself can be implemented as “holes” for the nails to go through. Details include buds and birds on the branches. The piece goes hand in hand with a room designed in minimalistic style. This metal tree art is handmade and is durable for outdoor placement thanks to the pain coating. Since it is handmade in nature, weight may vary from piece to piece. But available official statement defines it being no more than 3 pounds so technically it is still lightweight.


Bloom – Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Bloom - Contemporary Metal Wall ArtBloom is perfect for a house with minimalistic style as it is simplistic in feel yet intricate at the same time. Its contemporary design is emphasized with the use of metal alloy that makes it lightweight. When hanged, the piece’s branches stand away from the surface, casting shadow behind it. Bloom’s vines are black in color while its leaves are green. To hang it, you can use nails through the available circles on the vines. The nails should be less noticeable. It is very easy to hang on any kind of walls. Outdoor display is possible but only at a place sheltered from direct sunlight and elements. However, as the material is not too sturdy, perhaps consider hanging it solely indoors. Weather could chip the paint coating away. Branches are bendable to create sort of 3D effect. Suitable hanging spots include hallway or any large walls. Placement will turn it into an elegant centerpiece.


Gigantic Tree of Life Metal Wall Art Decor

Gigantic Tree of Life Metal Wall Art DecorThis metal tree wall art is different in that instead of a sculpture, it is presented as a painting—of tree. The painting design is somewhat abstract. Painted over several separate slabs of aluminum, it is perfect for any rooms in a house with any kind of style. This versatility is made even more apparent by difference in color sharpness depending on the intensity of light input. In low light, it sports a matte color, while when exposed to bright light, it turns into displaying a 3D effect. This set of artwork is handmade and is easy to hang on the walls. Being made of aluminum, certainly it is lighter than that of steel. This makes hanging way much easier and the walls surely won’t suffer from pressure. The maker provides lifetime guarantee in case of discoloration and fading of the painting, applicable to each piece of respective set of wall art.


Metal Wall Art Modern Landscape Contemporary Sculpture

Metal Wall Art Modern Landscape Contemporary SculptureDubbed “Floating White Tree on Blue”, this tree wall art is actually a painting spread over five panels of metal with additional aluminum layer on the surface. It is flexible enough for use in various style of room. The color it uses is very specific for the purpose of reflecting light it receives. As an added value, this painting will offer different changes when viewed from different perspectives. Painted manually in the style of expressionism, the artwork may be hanged on an empty wall with bright paint or above the headboard in the bedroom. Due to it being lightweight and easy to bend, it is not recommended to hang the artwork outdoor as elements may cause discoloration or fading. If outdoor display is preferred, do so in an area with enough protection against the elements. The pieces arrive upon order ready to set on the wall with nails and hammer.


Urban Designs Tree of Harmony Large Metal Wall Art Decor

Urban Designs Tree of Harmony Large Metal Wall Art DecorAdd a little peace to your room using this metal tree wall art. The tree depicted by this piece is an olive tree—also known as the international tree of victory, peace, and harmony. The leaves are green in color while the tree trunk is bronze with dark brownish gradation to create texture. Made of metal, this piece is a little heavyweight, measuring to 10 pounds each. However, it is also a sign of its sturdiness, which makes it suitable for outdoor display. The piece is also easy to set up. To hang it, there are two metal loops attached to the branches for the nails to go through. The artwork is finished manually and is unique enough to be placed on the walls of any rooms. The olive tree is an absolute eye-catcher bold enough a statement that it surely turns into the focal point of the room it occupies.



Obviously, whichever wall art you pick is a reflection of your own personal preferences. While tree-shaped wall arts are stunning, there is no harm in choosing the painting style. Do not force it to hang the art piece outdoor if said piece is not even sturdy enough to withstand the harsh changes of environment. Mix-and-match also needs to be taken into account—several artworks may be neutral enough for use in random rooms but there are some that must be appropriated with preexisting decoration or room style.